The White House Wants YOU to #TurnOn2FA



“The President is calling on Americans to move beyond just the password to leverage multiple factors of authentication when logging-in to online accounts.  Private companies, non-profits, and the Federal Government are working together to help more Americans stay safe online through a new public awareness campaign that focuses on broad adoption of multi-factor authentication.”

There are few cybersecurity tools that can help better protect your online accounts in such a simple and comprehensive way than two-factor authentication (2FA) – an additional layer of protection beyond your password. That is why we launched this site to help empower people all over the world to learn about this tool and how to use it everywhere they live online, and that is why we are so excited about what just happened today.  The effort to increase adoption of 2FA took a major leap forward today as none-other than the White House joined the call for raising 2FA awareness!

Announced this morning and supported by many of the internet’s largest companies (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and much more), a new campaign is being headed up by the National Cyber Security Alliance and focused on encouraging the use of two-factor authentication. Coming on the same day as Safer Internet Day, this marks a monumental moment in the history of 2FA and we could not be more thrilled about what it means for the future of online account security around the world.

But to be clear, this only marks the beginning. Increasing awareness of 2FA and other security steps that everyone can take today is not something that happens overnight. It takes a concerted effort from all of us to improve our own security and to help those around us realize their own power to do the same. When one of us takes steps to improve our own cybersecurity, we are making the internet a safer place for all.

As the letter of support released today by the White House states, “realizing the full potential of our ever-evolving digital lives can only happen when Internet users are empowered with knowledge and information about reducing their risks and further protecting their personal information.” That is why today is so important and why each of us must make the effort to share this knowledge with those closest to us. When you finish reading this post, why not share it with your parents, or your kids, or closest friends. Find someone who doesn’t know about 2FA and show them this video. Or share this quiz on your social media accounts to help others realize where they can step up their own security game.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility and by working together to raise awareness of important tools like 2FA, we can build a brighter online future for us all. It starts today with the White House’s announcement and must continue each and every day to keep the hackers at bay. Each step is important and no person is too small to make a difference. What will be your first step? Let us know how you are making the internet a safer place by sharing your efforts on social media with the hashtags #CyberAware and #TurnOn2FA.